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Post  DocBenway on Sat Jul 16, 2011 7:20 am

had an interesting talk with the leader of a lvl7 faction, planning to merge his crew into another one. i told him that we re average lvl 28 and i admitted that we are not that active as i would expect a lvl 7 crew to be, but he offered us to join them anyway. told him, that i would discuss the matter with you. so plz let me know your opinion on this.

here´s what i think about it:
lvl7 is way too high, seems like most of you are only online once a day and these guys would expect us to do 200 loyality each one per week. (but how could someone of us beat any lvl7 enemy? would propably be very frustrating.) besides that we would lose our sovereignty. that´s just not worth it.

nevertheless the idea of a faction fusion is not that bad, imo. instead of recruiting single players we could offer another faction, a lower one (lvl3) to merge into the emperium. guess it wont be easy to convince anyone to do so. they probably would demand securities, like officer rank for all their men. as you know i got no problem with this, but we should have the possibility to watch them first. might be, we lose some wars because they don`t have the cards we have, but on the long run, we could strengthen our crew that way. don`t y all think so?
jim, you´re the founder and leader of this faction, thats why your opinion is of particular interest to me.

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faction fusion Empty Re: faction fusion

Post  TyranT R45 on Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:53 am

loosing loyalty would stink lol because i usually only active once to 2 times a day,working 12 hours a day and having 2 kids reduces my online activity. i wouldnt mind letting other faction merge with us. eems interesting enough

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