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Post  DocBenway on Thu Jul 21, 2011 8:23 pm

- make sure, your preferred defense deck is activated. should check this every time before you log out, too.

- know your enemy: take a look at their stats. have we met them before? check the war records. remember anything about their tactics?

- keep the frequency clear: watch the in-game chat as other players might try to give you some details about the fight. ask for support here or try to help other members.

- watch how the war develops: who is active at the moment, who is not?

- try to avoid risks: if the results read 1068:1027 for us and there is 10 mins remaining, this is definitely the wrong moment to test some new decks.

- if you haven´t seen the enemies´ cards yet, you should try to "fight" them first.

- while you battle them, take a close look at their cards. try to figure out, what kind of decks they use. (monocolor/rainbow, rush/slowroll, strike/counter, ...)
do they prefer a certain color, skill, activation rate?

- to every strategy there is some counter strategy as to every skill exists an opposing skill. e.g.: flying/antiair, armored/pierce, rally/weaken,...
try to use counter skills. try to dominate the pace of a battle. (slow/fast).

- maybe a visit at the forum or at can help you modify your decks.

- if your winning ratio is much better than 1:1 you might be thinking about trying a "surge". well, try it then. depends on your cards: if you play a rush deck, it can be essential to do the first move. e.g.: my rainbow strike deck can smash massive defense decks in a fight, on "surge" mode it can be defeated by a simple II deck. depends on enemys cards as well: is he using a low delay deck, you risk to get outnumbered. although you might use actions to prevent getting overwhelmed.

- if you feel you´re about to lose a fight/surge, click "surrender" for this will only cost us 10 pts. this also means: you can lose 3 fights by surrendering (30 pts) and win one surge (e.g. 37) and still have a positive score.

some infos about tactics and deck-building can be found here:

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