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Post  sheen9189 on Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:12 pm

Raider Attack Deck Raider12[/url]

This is just a deck i created for mission 85. I forgot to change decks before clicking the fight button in war(TWICE!..) and it worked out okay.. You could also try it for yourselves..


Duncan - You can also use atlas but i prefer Duncan because rally and strike adds 1 damage but Duncan also has siege 1 in case your enemy has structures and rally can stack with the howiter and fury walker's skills.

Assault Cards:

Havoc - Most of the time, you should put this card first. It can survive on its own because of the leech and has a decent 4hp to survive. Its pierce is also very useful. Just make sure that it will survives until the other cards can be activated.
Omega - You can also put this first if the enemy. It isn't as strong as Havoc in terms of damage but it has a higher hp, activates faster and can be used to take down structures.
Howitzer - Put this as the third or fourth assault card because it takes time to activate it but it can be a game changer, specially if you have the rally of command center, fury walker or Duncan. It can attack multiple enemies and it also damages the commander if it destroys an assault card.
Fury Walker - This card should be put in the middle because it is highly likely to be destroyed but if it survives until it activates, it can easily win the game for you. It has rally 2 that could raise it's or other cards damage. Pair it with a command center and flurry, it can kill the opposing assault card and damage the enemy commander.
Cannon Walker - Using cannon walker depends on the situation. You should only use it for destroying flying or structure cards. If you don't have omega or havoc in your 1st 3 cards then you can also use this as a tank until you can activate your other assault cards.
Chronos - You can replace this card if you want. It can help you a lot because it has strike3, 3atk and 5hp but i usually use it at the end part of the game because of it takes time to be activated.
Hydra - It's purpose is like the cannon walker but can't be used as a tank. Use it to take out flying and structure cards.


Missile Silo: This card should be used depending on the scenario. It takes 4 turns until it activates but it's worth it unless the enemy has siege. It is EXTREMELY useful when your enemy is using counter decks (Trident, Mind controller, etc. are useless if this is activated immediately.) If you know your enemy is using a counter deck, you should use this 1st if your confident the 1st assault card you'll use will last atleast 2-3 rounds. If your enemy has a balanced deck, you can still activate it early as long as youre sure that the enemies assault cards wont be more than 2 compared to yours. It can also be used mid game but it isn't as effective unless you're enemy has a slow deck.
Command Center - This is a bad ass card. Put this in mid game if 2 or 3 assault cards are surviving. The rally all 2 packs a major punch. A major +++ if used with howitzers swipe and crush and fury walkers flurry. Just make sure it doesn't get destroyed.

Hopefully this helps. I've only tried it twice in the wars. I'll try it out some more to see its flaws but so far when things looks grim, fury walker and howitzer + command center turned the tides of battle and i came out with a victory. I'll post my usual xeno attack deck later.

Also put your comments, suggestions... violent reactions? Very Happy
Tell me if you've encountered flaws with the deck.


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Raider Attack Deck Empty Re: Raider Attack Deck

Post  sheen9189 on Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:00 pm

I've been eaten alive by fast decks that has a lot of damage. It's very weak against a good deck of bloodthirsty.. It's still okay with other type of cards... so far... Very Happy I've tried putting the fury walker first and it's also good as long as it stays alive before getting a shot off and regarding the cannon walker, don't put it 1st as a tank.. You'll lose because it has a low damage and the enemies assault cards increase..


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Raider Attack Deck Empty Re: Raider Attack Deck

Post  DocBenway on Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:22 pm

wow... sheen, this is sort of a scientific article. thx a lot for your detailed description.

this is some well-balanced raider deck. tried it. liked it. it´s always fun to see howitzer wipe away the enemy´s front row. havoc and howitzer can slow down enemy, so you find time to rally up or to place strike units. cannon walker, omega and hydra have low delay and can therefor be played against structures whenever necessary.

i didn´t manage to build a stable raider deck, although i got plenty of unique raiders.
experimented with burrower. this thing didn´t convince me... until i played it in front of some strike units. made me undestand "enfeeble" skill.

will work on that tecnique and let you know the results.

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Raider Attack Deck Empty Re: Raider Attack Deck

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