Xeno Deck (Healers) [Revised]

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Xeno Deck (Healers) [Revised] Empty Xeno Deck (Healers) [Revised]

Post  sheen9189 on Fri Jul 22, 2011 1:36 am

Xeno Deck (Healers) [Revised] Xeno_211]

This is my favorite deck. I used it for missions, wars, and has a high win % on auto in the arena. (Just pick fights with people that has 400pts and above your score so that if you lose your points won't go down) It is great against pretty much any deck except for Hatchet Spam or defense decks that has 2 or more missile silos and that has been activated with a lot of command centers. (The key to defeating the Hatchet Spam is plain old luck. You have to be able to hit the hatchets and for the silo decks you just have to finish the enemy quickly or include 2 enclave champions in your deck.)


Vyander - 1 sentence: Heal All Xeno 1 Smile

Assault Cards:

Dominated Hatchlings [4x]: This is the the card that makes this deck great. It has a pretty good hp of 5 to take damage and 3 atk. It's very useful against fast decks and has heal 1 which usually help you to set up all of your cards. Start your deck with at least 2 of this. If they both survive, it's almost certain that you'll win.

Xeno Mothership [1x]: I don't usually use the card to win games because of it's 4 turns cool down but it is very essential on defeating "Weaken Defense Decks". Put it as the 2nd or 3rd assault cards for Weaken decks to make the rest of your cards stronger.

Rifter [1x]: I doubt that anyone with a good Xeno deck wouldn't include Rifter. Strike All 1 Adds fire power, Poison 1 and 5hp. Use it as your 4th or 5th assault card (3rd if the enemy is using a Counter Def Deck).

Daemon [2x]: This is the card to kill those pesky flying cards and the cards with High HP. [Draconian Queen is killed in one shot] Use it mid game but just make sure your 2 hatchlings survive until Daemon activates. You can also use it after xeno mothership (if you've decided to put use the mothership as the 3rd or 4th card) to add some punch.


Missile Silo [1x]: Just use this card for counter decks or mid game for extra firepower. Don't put it at the beginning because it takes away 1 turn for your healers.

Enclave Pylon [1x]: Use this when your 1st 3 assault cards are holding up (Usually 3 hatchlings or 2 hatchlings + another card.). This keep your whole deck alive and you'll most likely finish the match with all of your cards.

The problems that i encountered with this deck is when the enemy has good structure cards. You can substitute 1 or 2 cards with an enclave champion but if your planning on using auto don't. I used to include Enclave champion but it dies easily. Thats why i removed it.

Hope you try this deck. I Love seeing strike all decks and the +1hp of my cards keep coming out.. Very Happy


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