My all purpose deck with cards from gold packs and achievements

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My all purpose deck with cards from gold packs and achievements Empty My all purpose deck with cards from gold packs and achievements

Post  Tejaila on Fri Sep 02, 2011 8:39 pm

Hey everyone,

Since I started recently, my card pool was limited. It has improved considerably now, but I want to share the deck that got me there and still serves me very well.
It is made exclusively from gold packs and reward cards, so these cards are obtainable with some luck from gold packs.

You can look up all cards on the warmetal wiki, but I am not allowed to post the link yet :p

Commander: Atlas

Assault cards: Hatchet (Mission 28 reward), Rifter (Typhon' s Conqueror Achievement), Arc Trooper (Mission 38 reward), Cannon Walker (Mission 40), Omega (Gold packs), Predator (Xeno Invasion mission 4), Tiamat (Gold packs), ExoDrone (Imperial Traitors mission 4) and I recently replaced Dominated Hatchlings (Gold packs) with Aegis (Gold packs and Conquerer Achievement)
Edit: The healer slot which was previously occupied by Dominated Hatchlings and Aegis has now been filled with Poseidon (Nexus Conqueror Achievement) which is great, since it not only heals but also sieges, which helps a lot.

Action Card(s): Electromagnetic Impulse (Gold pack)

Before I had those nice cards, I played several Vampires, Moloch and Barrage Tank which are very easily obtainable and fill the quick aggression / strike role quite nicely until you obtain the better cards.

Its generally advisable to clog the ground with a couple decent fighting units with low ready time and the put you strike units out. You should be able to beat all the earlier missions with ease. As long as you dont surge in wars, this decks has quite the good winrate. Although wall decks (if you dont draw the cannon walker early and have it survive), good counter decks, and some dracorex builds may give you trouble.

I hope this helped.



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