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Post  DocBenway on Fri Jun 10, 2011 10:39 pm

made up my mind about how to improve this forum and the communication between faction members. here´s some ideas. i´d like to read your opinion.

-users guide
the forums main features (topics, replies, chatbox, private messaging,...) should be explained to new forum users.

-forum rules
maybe we should also make clear that we will not tolerate any rude behaviour on our sites: no insults, no racism, no sexism,...
just in case some haters come around. besides that such a short declaration would give us a scent of seriousness and professionalism.
even though my english is not the best, we should insist on english language. the emperium is and should be an international alliance. right? we should communicate this.

-faction structure
don´t know bout you, but i hate hierarchy and authorities. well, i do in real life. tyrant´s just a game, i know, but we should demonstrate that we´re a democratic faction.
at least we should make ´em think so ;-
instead of just recruiting and instructing some dull followers, we should encourage new members to participate in this project.

-war records
we could list our war records here. maybe we could even implement a table or graph. (excel)

-chat conference
we could offer live chat meetings, f.e. once a weak, to discuss the latest developments in the tyrant universe or just to natter a bit. sure, it won´t be easy to find a point in time, when most of our members are online.
we could announce these events in our calendar.

-raid scheduler
we could also plan raids, using the calendar module.

-tyrant galleries
this is definitely not the place to publish pictures of you and your family on last christmas. but maybe we could use the gallery in another way. screenshots of spectacular fights or some tyrant artwork, for example.

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